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Design of farms for wild animals
  • Design of farms for wild animals

Design of farms for wild animals

Relief dictates the plan of a farm: an arrangement of shelters, corridors for a stage of animals, gate and places of catching.

Therefore, despite the general fundamental principles of the organization of a farm, each project is exclusive.

The area of shelters depends on many reasons including is more whole than cultivation of animals, number of animals in group, quality of pastures.

The arrangement of corridors and gate has to consider features of behavior of animals, otherwise they will not "work" and animals just will not go to them.

Important element of a farm is specially equipped shelter — the separator serving for catching of animals, their division into groups, carrying out veterinary manipulations. Such shelter is equipped with the special fiksatsionny machine.

The competent project considering features of the district, the purpose of creation of a farm will allow to minimize in the future labor costs on its operation and to reduce losses of animals.

Realizing the responsibility to the Customer, we do not propose standard solutions, and we approach each project individually.

Information is up-to-date: 16.02.2018

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